What time is it?

An absurd and stupid dream woke him up though he was still trying to figure out – “Am I still dreaming or finally awake?” He gazed at his wrist watch. It was 10 minutes to seven. He opened his eyes still confused – “morning or evening?” He could not decipher, in which phase of day he woke up. His room was suffocating and a little humid, which explained to him why he was dreaming something very absurd. Nonetheless, he had to decide, whether he should get ready for dinner or for breakfast. He laughed at the absurdity of his motive for waking up because he was not feeling hungry at all.

Is not it absurd to wake up one fine day and could not understand the time of one’s existence? He asked himself still lying in his warm bed, but out of his suffocating blanket – “Can a thing exist without time or for that matter without space?” He replied back – “No, impossible!” And suddenly he realized that his scientific wisdom is denying his own existence. He felt an utmost urge to figure out his time …
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