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What time is it?

An absurd and stupid dream woke him up though he was still trying to figure out – “Am I still dreaming or finally awake?” He gazed at his wrist watch. It was 10 minutes to seven. He opened his eyes still confused – “morning or evening?” He could not decipher, in which phase of day he woke up. His room was suffocating and a little humid, which explained to him why he was dreaming something very absurd. Nonetheless, he had to decide, whether he should get ready for dinner or for breakfast. He laughed at the absurdity of his motive for waking up because he was not feeling hungry at all.

Is not it absurd to wake up one fine day and could not understand the time of one’s existence? He asked himself still lying in his warm bed, but out of his suffocating blanket – “Can a thing exist without time or for that matter without space?” He replied back – “No, impossible!” And suddenly he realized that his scientific wisdom is denying his own existence. He felt an utmost urge to figure out his time of existence. For that he started to decode the time when he went to bed – “After dinner? Or after lunch?” He could not remember and gave up. But his mind was not obeying him. Frustrated by his inability to find out a simple fact regarding time he decided to leave his bed. As he stood up on his feet thinking about the state of time some magical force told him the truth of his spatial existence – It is his hostel room. “Yes, it is my hostel room indeed!” – He exclaimed happily.

He was happy and somewhat relieved that at least he exists in space. This sudden discovery boosted his confidence that he will find out the time as well. This newly gained confidence worked like a refreshing breeze and he remembered that last time when he fell asleep he was reading Sigmund Freud’s ‘Interpretation of dreams’ that he downloaded from internet in order to understand Dostoyevsky’s dreams. He remembered what he was reading but the time. “How I hate my memory!” – He told with apathy.

How absurd is human reasoning – the so called logical thinking. Is not it absurd that when his own existence is on a very shaky ground he is trying to decipher Freud, Dostoyevsky and their concept of dream. As if their existence matters to his existence. And then he realized that there is at least one thing that exists beyond time and space. He exclaimed as if he has found the God – “Human wisdom that always tried to be rational and caught itself again and again in the absurdity and abstraction of human nature.” He remembered Dostoyevsky’s ‘Notes from Underground’ where the protagonist says that human is far more complex than to be explained by one single law or for that matter a set of laws. The same idea is repeated by many authors and philosophers. “But why I am thinking of philosophers? Rather I should focus on my situation” – He told himself in frustration.

Time – the fourth dimension of existence. But, what if modern science did not discover the fourth dimension? He cursed science for making him conscious of his fourth dimension – the time. At the same time he felt proud that his existence and that of the universe are governed by the same forces. This sudden discovery of similarity between his existence and that of the universe started intoxicating his thought with a strangely pleasant feeling. Nevertheless, this dimension was missing from his existence. And its realization gripped him by another strange dreary feeling of losing his existence, his identity.

He was wondering how things existed before the discovery of time as a dimension. He realized that all the scientific discoveries are making human life more complicated in the name of simplifying it. He was about to shout – “Scientific conspiracy” he opened the door and saw the newspaper lying at his door and instead he shouted in relief – “Morning”.


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  2. its gud to know dt u r philosophically alive.
    so i just wanted to say u good morning !

  3. Philosophy and waking up--sometimes they mix well, sometimes not. Looks like you found a way to make it work well!

  4. I hope, post marriage u won't be any more perplexed with regard 2 your existence because you have somebody beside you always there to remind who you are in this fourth dimension, i.e. "time".


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